People and institutions may still tackle difficult challenges and improve the world today with the help of good data and appropriate technologies.

Who we are

Leeway, a consulting firm, was established in 2018 and developed by experts working in different settings in Information Management, whether with private companies, international humanitarian agencies, donor agencies, etc. Throughout the years, the team has developed skills in finding gaps in information flow and is skilled in directly addressing issues through the use of custom software to improve efficiency and accuracy.

Since then, the firm has been growing with many accomplishments and satisfactory achievements, dedicated to creating a world with software-based solutions.

At Leeway, we encourage diversity and inclusion in our communities for greater innovation, productivity and performance, talent recruitment and retention, and workforce well-being.

What we do

We are committed to developing the best user experience worldwide, using data visualization and information management. Our services will enable users to ask and respond to questions or concerns without the need to have experts in querying languages, statistical modeling, or command line.

How we do it

Creativity, Passion, and experience are crafted into Leeway’s software. It is developed based on your business needs to deliver the most optimum outcomes using innovative and technology-driven tools and data visualizations.

To ensure achievements, Leeway was selective in its human resources, as we believe that the most valuable resources are our employees. Our skilled data engineers and experts devoted years of experience to perfect their expertise in this field of combining engineering knowledge and creative art.

When choosing Leeway, you will be delivered with more than a single deliverable or a tightly integrated suite; you receive trust, commitment, and dedication that will ensure business improvement and a satisfactory experience.

Leeway helps individuals and institutions to face complex challenges by improving data with the most recent and innovative technologies.

Where we’re going

Our vision exceeds the workflow environment that plenty of companies are currently experiencing. Leeway is dedicated to being the most reliable software provider covering all aspects of any company’s needs.